Wednesday, July 25, 2012


It's just around the corner. The Ozark Empire Fair runs from July 27 through August 4. From concerts to bull riding, and even truck and tractor pulls, there really is something for everyone. The fair is open from 11 to 11 everyday with adult admission being only $6. You can buy advanced wristbands at PFI for only $20 that will include admission and unlimited rides. The 2012 Ozark Empire Fair is looking to turn into another great event!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Boom Goes The Dynamite

Neighboring buildings come down as Bear Villages makes way to Phase Two of the project. We are taking reservations on Phase two for the Fall 2013 Semester. Some rooms remain available for the 2012 Fall Semester  in Phase Two.

Call or Email the Missouri State Campus Housing Director

Email Austin

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Don't Miss the Tent!

Although the 50th season of the Tent Theatre is nearing its end, there is still an opportunity to catch a show this summer. The last show of the season is 42nd Street, a celebration of Broadway through an aspiring chorus girl's story. Dates for this show run until the end of next week with most shows beginning at 8:00 P.M. Tickets are available to the public so order them as quick as possible at any of the campus ticket offices!

Sunday, July 8, 2012


Parental Version:
  When you first applied to Missouri State, did you fill out your application in it's entirety, in one sitting, as soon as you knew you wanted to apply to MSU? Answer: Of course you did.
  When writing 10 page essay's; Do you sit down and write them the first night you receive the assignment? Answer: Of course you do.
  When finals come around do you find that you can sleep like a baby prior to the due date, because you aren't pulling all nighters? Answer: I never stay up passed 10:00pm studying because I am always prepared.
  If you have a current student at Missouri State please remember that your students are taking full advantage of this amazing opportunity.

Students Reality check:
  Remember how long it took you to fill out those applications? For the longest time you had your name, birth date, and address filled out. Once you completed the entire long did it take you to put it in the mail?
  Red Bull + 8:00pm to 5:30am = a 10 page essay. You are completely surprised at the amazing break through that you achieve in a time crunch....but swear,"Next time, I will be more prepared."

  It's almost July 9th, 2012........if you haven't found your next place to lease for Fall 2012, you need to channel the Parental Version, and call the Off Campus Rental List today! Yes, today! From one procrastinator to another, If you wait until next week, you might as well bring a sleeping bag to stay on your buddies smelly couch, and hope that the ladies don't mind that you have dog hair all over your clothes everyday. 
  The Procrastinator
"That managed to pull off a break through of advise at 10:54 pm!"

  Call us tomorrow 417-886-LIST (5478)

Contact your Housing Director Today

I spoke with the Campus Housing Director for Missouri State today and he indicated that some houses are still available close to campus and will be filling up soon. He also has some rooms with everything included at Bear Village offered from Bryan Properties. The rooms are furnished including flat screed HD TV's and include all utilities, cable, and Internet through AT&T U-verse.

School will be starting again soon if you have not reserved a place to live at MSU call the Campus Housing Director today. 417-886-5478