Sunday, July 8, 2012


Parental Version:
  When you first applied to Missouri State, did you fill out your application in it's entirety, in one sitting, as soon as you knew you wanted to apply to MSU? Answer: Of course you did.
  When writing 10 page essay's; Do you sit down and write them the first night you receive the assignment? Answer: Of course you do.
  When finals come around do you find that you can sleep like a baby prior to the due date, because you aren't pulling all nighters? Answer: I never stay up passed 10:00pm studying because I am always prepared.
  If you have a current student at Missouri State please remember that your students are taking full advantage of this amazing opportunity.

Students Reality check:
  Remember how long it took you to fill out those applications? For the longest time you had your name, birth date, and address filled out. Once you completed the entire long did it take you to put it in the mail?
  Red Bull + 8:00pm to 5:30am = a 10 page essay. You are completely surprised at the amazing break through that you achieve in a time crunch....but swear,"Next time, I will be more prepared."

  It's almost July 9th, 2012........if you haven't found your next place to lease for Fall 2012, you need to channel the Parental Version, and call the Off Campus Rental List today! Yes, today! From one procrastinator to another, If you wait until next week, you might as well bring a sleeping bag to stay on your buddies smelly couch, and hope that the ladies don't mind that you have dog hair all over your clothes everyday. 
  The Procrastinator
"That managed to pull off a break through of advise at 10:54 pm!"

  Call us tomorrow 417-886-LIST (5478)

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